Ashland Sweater

My favorite  local yarn shop (Knitorious)  is having a class for the Ashland Sweater by Brooklyn Tweed. I love taking classes there as I get to learn new things and knit with amazing people.  The class I took in the spring I did my first ever steeks! Having someone hold your hand as you cut through umpteen hours of fair isle makes it a lot less scary.

Ashland is a classic piece that I will be able to wear for years to come.  I had 2 full skeins of Harrisville Shetland wool (in grey and green) leftover from the Bruntsfield Vest (Ysolda Teague) I made in the spring that would work great for the contrasting colors in this sweater.  I chose a cream for the main color.  Unfortunately, the yarn shop only had 3 when I went in 2 weeks ago and put me on a special order list.  I went back last weekend and picked up 1 skein of the cream so I could start swatching.

I really need to start swatching as I can never get the correct gauge on what the pattern calls for.  I am a tight knitter and normally have to go up a needle size or 2.  For the Bruntsfield vest I ended up making 4 swatches and never got the exact gauge, but did some math and worked out measurements to fit me.  Ashland calls for 4 different needle sizes to be used over the project and row gauge is somewhat critical so I am sure it will take quite a few swatches to figure out which needles sizes will work best for me.



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