Vice Yarn Plain Jane Socks

I FINALLY finished something! I bought this yarn 2 summers ago and it had been sitting in my stash ever since. I’m trying to stop buying random skeins of sock yarn that I think are pretty. I’ve managed to use quite a few of them in some funky color work sweaters (thank you Caitlin Hunter!), but had lost my urge to make socks.

I have been spending a lot of time working on the never ending sweater (Gelato by Chantal Belisle) and it’s turning out beautiful, but I’m nearing the end of the body and it’s a pain to take around with me. I thought about starting the cable sweater for baby Acorn, but really needed something simple to stick in my purse or bag. So, I went to my stash and saw this yarn and decided to make a pair of socks. I had forgotten how simple, small, and easy socks were!

I worked on them at the pool.

On my way to see Kesha & Macklemore.

While waiting for the boys at six flags.

Pretty much I worked on them whenever I was out and had down time. It didn’t take me long to finish these psychedelic socks in color way Plain Jane. I knit them toe up with no pattern as after you have made a couple of pair of vanilla socks you pretty much have memorized the formula. The heel is the Fish KISS Lips heel which I did have to review. I really love this heel as my feet are wide and thin.


Vacation Knitting

Are you like me and pack a suitcase just for your yarn and projects for vacation? Of course, I normally just knit on one of them and I don’t get a lot of knitting time.

Every year we take a family vacation with my inlaws and this year we went “camping” in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I use camping lightly as my inlaws have a new RV and we stayed in a cabin with all the amenities. This is about as close to camping as I get!

Our drive from St. Louis was almost 8 hours so I had plenty of car knitting time. I had big plans to finish the Blueberry Forest sweater. I even found the courage to steek it in the car.

Steeking still scares me and every time something doesn’t fall apart I swear it’s pure magic. Unfortunately, after steeking I realized I had left 1 of the colors at home and couldn’t work on the sleeves at all. Woomp….wooomp…..woomp. I worked on the collar, but since I still didn’t know if baby was a boy or girl couldn’t do the button band. So, I pulled out the Gelato sweater I’ve been working on (off and on) and knitted on that most of the way there.

We did a gender reveal on Father’s Day and found out we are once again team blue! Now I need to really get knitti

We spent 3 days at Dollywood/Splash Country and since I’m pregnant I couldn’t do any of the ride. That gave me a lot of down time and I took the Gelato sweater and found shady spots and worked on it while everyone rode rides.

In the evenings our kids fished and when I wasn’t tying on hooks, untangling lines, getting lines out of trees, and baiting hooks I knitted away. It’s amazing how many hooks and lures a 7, 10, 11, and 12 yr old can go through (without even catching any fish!).

I’m missing this view!


Knitting is my art form

Stranded colorwork is my most favorite type of knitting. I love nature and I love paintings, but no matter how many times I try I will never be able to paint a landscape, or animal, or anything any better than my 7 yr old (he is actually way better than I am). Stranded knitting has given me the creative outlet I craved with a different medium.

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday 6/6

Snug is a minimally seamless garter stitch baby cardigan. It is knit in bulky weight yarn on size 6 needles so it is very dense. You start out knitting a garter rectangle with afterthought sleeves. Then you take out the provisional cast on and add on the hood and knit the rest of the front. This cardigan has very interesting construction.

I am using a leftover skein of Quarry by Brooklyn Tweed in the color Lazulite. It’s a very dark Navy with flecks of green, purple, and light blue.

FO Friday

FO Friday 6/1

I am in love with the glowing colors of this sweater. This is exactly why Malabrigo is one of my favorite yarns (along with it being oh so soft!). I had some Frank Ochre left over from the blanket and hat I made for Little Acorn so o decided to make a sweater with it. I knew I didn’t have enough yarn for a complete sweater so I looked over the patterns I have and found this cute little Noah sweater in the “What to Knit When Your Expecting” book by Nikki Van De Car.

By now I should know my down falls and be able to predict when I’m about to go off the rails, but somehow I always convince myself that I have PLENTY of yarn. Wrong. This sweater pattern is written for DK weight yarn with a lot smaller gauge that my sweater has. I decided to wing it and make the smallest size (0-3 month) in this worsted yarn with size 9 needles. I knew it would come out a lot larger than 0-3 month, but that isn’t a big deal since babies grow. This sweater is knit in pieces and the back went swimmingly. I was flying through the front when I noticed the yarn ball getting smaller and smaller. I kept going and ran out of yarn 24 rows before bind off. The yarn gods were not smiling on me.

Luckily, I was able to go to the yarn shop 2 days later and purchase another skein. While I was there I decided to knit the sleeves grey (colorway Pearl in Rios). Originally, I wanted to make the sleeves navy if Acorn was a boy and a dark purple of a girl, but I’m impatient and really wanted to have this finished. I did rip out all the decrease rows and reknit them alternating skeins so there wouldn’t be a line where I joined them. The sleeves went quick and since it’s a small piece (around 12 month size) it seamed up rather fast too.

I’m going to toot my own horn here. Look at those beautiful seams! If you have an issue with seaming pieces together and think I’ll never be good at this your wrong! Keep practicing. Seam every swatch you make together and one day you’ll look at your seams and think “Damn! I’m good!”.


Coming Soon(ish)

We had an exciting new development in our home late March- can you guess by the picture? Yep, a new baby will be joining us late November/early December!

It’s been so very hard to knit (or do very much of anything really) the last 12 weeks. I’m marching into my 2nd trimester feeling much better and I’m back into full knitting swing. I have approximately 223 days of knitting until our Little Acorn (our kids have given baby this nickname) arrives. I have filled up my ravelry queue and favorites with baby things and pulled out the baby knits books and am set to make as many tiny things as possible!

This pregnancy is bringing back some knitting nostalgia for me. When I was pregnant with my youngest 8.5 years ago I decided I wanted to learn to knit. We were going to cloth diaper and I wanted those beautiful, colorful hand knit wool pants for my baby. We were living in a tiny apartment with 2 kids already and saving every penny for a house so I knew I couldn’t start buying $80+ baby pants. I thought how hard can it be and it has to be a lot cheaper (insert side eye and laughing at my naive self).

The only thing I ended up making for my 3rd child as a baby was a garter stitch blanket. I was hooked though. There was something about knitting that I found a passion for like I’d never had for anything else. Over the last 8 years my skills have greatly improved and I’m very excited to make all the things I didn’t have the skill to before.

Since morning sickness has been keeping me down I needed something easy to work on. Tin Can Knits always has simple yet beautiful patterns so I settled on the Waffles blanket in a gender neutral Frank Ochre by Malabrigo. I had 3 skeins of this yarn lying around from a shawl I decided I didn’t want to make. It worked into a deliciously squishy and soft blanket. I used just over 3 skeins on the 25×25 blanket.

The waffles Pattern is part of the 9 Months of Knitting Tin Can Knits ebook that has 10 cute patterns in it. I decided to make the Hunter hat (also in the ebook) with some of the leftover yarn. This hat was so cute and quick I finished it in a day.

Do you have any favorite go to patterns or yarns for baby knits? If you do I’d love to hear about them as I’m always looking for new patterns to work up.

FO Friday

FO Friday 4/6 The Bulky Easy One

This was such an easy and quick knit. I used Brooklyn Tweed Quarry a Bulky yarn on size 11 needles. The Bulky Easy One by Joji Locatelli is meant to be worn with 16 inches of positive ease. The finished measurement of the body of mine is 48″. I was worried about it being so big, but after blocking and wearing I like it.

I didn’t have enough of a single color so I striped the body and left the sleeves a solid color. I started this on a Wednesday and finished it on Friday. I did have a lot of car knitting time while on vacation.

For being a bulky sweater it is extremely lightweight. It is a really great spring, summer nights, and early fall sweater. Quarry next to my skin doesn’t bother me, but I could see it being itchy on someone who has more sensitive skin.